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Tanzeemul Makatib was established in 1968 with the aim of ‘upliftment & development’ of the depressed class within the society, especially the Indian Shia Muslim community by propagating education, guidance, awareness and training. Since its establishment, Tanzeemul Makatib has been continuously dedicated towards providing education, raising social awareness, offering social counseling, training, and publishing & distributing text books & other teaching aids etc. contents etc. to the community . The organization’s main motive is to shape the child into a responsible and educated citizen who can contribute to society and nation.

Tanzeemul Makatib delivers a wide range of services. Multiple departments and associated groups are managing these services in a structured organizational hierarchy.

  • 1036 Makatib Across India
  • 46924 Students in All Makatibs
  • 1773 Teachers In Makatib
  • 288 Pesh-Namaz
  • 803 Teachers Male
  • 682 Teachers Female
  • 30 School + Maktab
  • 3553 Students In Schools
  • Above 2000 Books Published
  • Short Term Courses cum Tarbiyati Camps
  • 221099 Course Books
  • 16622 Deeni Talimi Books

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Atfal(اطفال )

امامیہ دینیات اطفال
،اردو قاعدہ اطفال
،عربی قاعدہ اطفال

Awwal (اول)

عربی قاعدہ اول
,اردو ریڈراول
,امامیہ دینیات اول

Domm (دوم )

امامیہ دینیات دوم,
اردو ریڈردوم,
قرآن مجید

Somm (سوم)

امامیہ دینیات سوم,
اردو ریڈرسوم
, قرآن مجید

Chaharum (چہارم)

امامیہ دینیات چہارم
, اردو ریڈرچہارم,
قرآن مجید

Panjum (پنجم)

امامیہ دینیات پنجم,
اردو ریڈرپنجم,
قرآن مجید


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